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The Scary Guy Radio Show 1

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Dear Scary Guy,

I just thought I would let you know what an amazing job you are doing. I came across a youtube video when I was looking up somethings about bullying.

I have been bullying as along as I can remember and have been at some low parts of my life because of it, and man tell you what….if I would have came across your video before I would have been a hell of a lot happier.

But I did over come bullying and I want to dedicated my life to help others over come this as well. As of right I am Miss Northeast Kansas and will be in the Miss Kansas Pageant in June.

Thanks to you I have came up with my new Platform. Helping Kid over come bullying. I just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job and keep it up. 🙂

Meagan Johnson


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“He does NOT use fear to end bullying he uses facts (found in newspapers for everyone to fear) and then he uses ROLEPLAY!!!!! He mirrors the behaviour back to the bullies hidden in the crowd before him, showing how ridiculous a way of spending your energy it is, he then parodies it and then spends MOST of the time explaining how victims can choose NOT to own the words and energy thrown at them, and the bullies have to really REALLY think about their behaviour and how it does nothing for them nor their victims –

And THEN he provides a curriculum with strategies that help to breakdown the ingrained ‘playground culture’ in institutions that perpetuates the bullying throughout and into the workplace, strategies that give the whole school (workplace) a chance to behave differently, just long enough to see that if everyone involved just sticks to the new way of being NO-ONE gets hurt.

Children respond to the true raw reality of what is going on, they are much more awake than are given credit for and they can understand The Scary Guy much more than many adults with their own limiting mindsets!

You have been given a grown-up’s uneducated version of something that does no harm and yet you are demonstrating PERFECTLY exactly the behaviour The Scary Guy changes – the mouthing off and prejudice about someone you haven’t gotten the full picture of yourself – passing on just the prejudice and misinformation of another.

The Scary Guy could help you not to be caught in the flow of someone else’s words and judgement. Be kind to yourself and treat others as you would be treated, would you want someone to put this much energy into publishing judgements about you when they haven’t met you nor seen your work in person? Live in Peace and be happy : )”